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over 1 year ago

FutureHacks Four Updates

Greetings Everyone,

It is with immense regret, I inform you that FutureHacks Four is postponed to happen from 26th August-28th August, 2022. I know this is not a news that you were hoping to hear but please understand it was a very hard decision to make for the organizing committee as well. This decision has been taken due to unsatisfactory response from our marketing efforts and other strategic benefits for the organization. 

In all this change, there is a silver lining for all the participants, which is that you get extra 4 months to prepare yourselves for the Hackathon and become a strong competitor in August. If you want you can join these Summer Courses offered by AiGoLearning to sharpen your coding skills at AiGoLearning Summer School. We have coordinated such that the hackathon will now take place at the conclusion of the summer classes, which makes FutureHacks a perfect place for students to practice the skills they have learned.

As the Director, I take this moment to personally extend my apologies to all the stakeholders on this unforeseen circumstance, and I promise that FutureHacks Four will be bigger and better in Fall. It is my sincere request to everyone to not unregister for the hackathon, but instead invite your friends and schoolmates to join FutureHacks Four. Registration is open till August 19th, 2022.

If you have any further queries fell free to reach out to at


Shiven Patel | Director at FutureHacks Four