about 1 year ago

Hackathon Canceled

Greetings everyone,

This is to inform you that FutureHacks Four is now canceled indefinitely. 

The silver lining to this decision is that we will be now helping other hackathon organizing teams in hosting a great hackathon. AiGoLearning the parent organization of FutureHacks is now offering much more than regular online courses. As a key part of student teachers' leadership capability buildup, FutureHacks will be dedicated to helping our local branches or teams to host their hackathons. 

We are also hosting a Hackathon 101 information session on 14th August at 1 pm ET for anyone who is interested in organizing a…

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over 1 year ago

FutureHacks Four Updates

Greetings Everyone,

It is with immense regret, I inform you that FutureHacks Four is postponed to happen from 26th August-28th August, 2022. I know this is not a news that you were hoping to hear but please understand it was a very hard decision to make for the organizing committee as well. This decision has been taken due to unsatisfactory response from our marketing efforts and other strategic benefits for the organization. 

In all this change, there is a silver lining for all the participants, which is that you get extra 4 months to prepare yourselves for the Hackathon…

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